Vito – Greece

Had my passport checked by border guards, they laugh at me when I told them my destination, then went back on the bike and paddle quickly to get out the border after they return my passport, but heard a noise and stopped, turns out a guard with machine gun shout at me and told me come back, apparently I only went through custom control, still need to go through passpoet control. Lucky that I stopped.

Cycled a few more hours after ceossing the border, the wind start to pick up, was getting really dark and tired, but the city still a bit far, saw a church and slept alone outside the church without a tent in the first night in Greece. Didn’t get any sleep at all, always thought someone come to get me, had dream about someone try to kill me and I was screaming for help, but I just can’t make any sounds out of my mounth!

Woke up early because I didn’t have any sleep, the only people up are farmers. Was good to cycle around a lake very early in the morning. Met another cyclists from Germany and they bought me tea.

Stayed at a hostel in Thessaloniki, its very nice and big city, some bit felt like wall garden town, other bit its completely new and magnificent new town! Walked around hostel without a top and got ask be a model by a guy, I thought it will be funny and agreed, realised he is a nude painter after he took the pictures and showed me his works, lucky he didn’t ask me to get naked.

Bought a watermelon from Lidl and got to a beach that marked as tiny stretch on the map after couple hours, found a abandon parasol with two chairs on the beach, it was like poster from holiday company, had watermelon and thought might go for a drink and come back sleep on the chair after dark. Got to a bar and they said they met Sam earlier today, I helped them fixed their computers and they gave me free drinks and invited to join them for dinner. Had really good sleep on the beach with wave sound as background music, the drinks helps too!

Arrived in Xenthi and check into a hostel, saw a band played in the hostel bar, met so many female engineers, almost thought u was dreaming. Had a really good night and was really luck that people are so friendly and showed me around!

Met up with Sam again in Alexandria, was really good to see him and will be going into Turkey together, shared our stories over a few beers, then thunderstorm came, so we have to check into a hotel instead of camp.

There weren’t any shops, but was a casino before leaving Greece. Saw many military movement near the border of turkey and its the first time saw so many guards with machine guns at a border!

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